Once upon a time…

Sometime things happen to us at so quick pace just as the waves in the ocean succeeds one another so rapidly that you can’t even find a way to stole a moment from those implacable moments of utter felicity! And your wheels of heart wishes to hold them as tight as you can so as to not leave your lap of fertile happiness! Though we all know it’s way hard to get our souls out of the dark and toxic influences of the life !

She was in her life of extravaganza and was expecting nothing, not even a pinch of love from her family, friends, cousins! All that she loved and was still loving, was nonetheless but the books, novels and her personal diary, in which she revealed the thoughts which were hard to conceal even during the hide and seek plan. They were digged so deep into those pages of ruled line that it was very hard to remove the curtains from them.

There is a saying that when you do not expect “Jin” to come out from the “Aladdin’s Chirag“, it’s just the time when it suddenly emerges and presents him infront of you with folded hands ready to serve you addressing ” Ji Aaka!” no one but to you. Huff! Huff! Jini why always you???

So, as i already told you that Gin arrived at my door, and sent a guy all the sudden throughout a long run of my life! I was not expecting him. Yes, i was not actually expecting him. I, so much confined in my area , letting no one to enter into my restricted boundaries, but somewhere my inner sense of sight want him to reveal the lines in my ruled diary!

The meeting was altogether normal for me! But the same was not for him. Just like all other similar days of normality, i made an urge to clean the scars, negativities from my so called life. After spending some peaceful time in the library, felt a genuine warmth and came out and it’s just then when i met him! We both were strangers to each other. We both exchange the words!


You all would be thinking of that how we actually met? So without elaborating much, let me tell you it was via a friend of mine!


So, i, as in usual days; my memory at that very time of the clock too, was so much inhaled with books and novels, that i thought of better to start the conversation with the aforementioned! To my utter astonishment, he too was the bookaholic, which i basically loved about him! After a time when there was nothing left to speak about, we started to pull the chains of our one and only common friend, and it all ended with a Tea and some sneaky laughs! It’s actually very difficult to explore a person on just one meeting over a tea. We three drove towards our destinations which my friend decided to accomplish, the task of dropping, via her scooty and dropped me, at the very first to my destination. I made a hug to my friend and put forth my hand for the hand-shake towards the guy, which he too answered positively! Though, i should say that i, on that day, found a guy, who actually love books, love scribbling and that too in a miraculous way!…

After that, i again wore up the sillitoe shoe of my life, to again walk with the same pace, i was doing some hours ago!

One day followed another and the time moved on slowly till upto the day when some sentences popped up at my cellphone which i checked,it was none but he; who texted me up! I saw the message, which was all about to inform me for the upcoming examination of one of the prominent Universities of India. And i replied with a gentle word that is, ” Thank You!”


During my conversation with him, i discovered that, he is actually an excellent writer, indeed a poet! I felt so much intent and charmed with his scribbled lines, that i wanted him to write everyday some lines of vibrant vitality to just make my mind fresh and calm with the consumption of them. He ministered the lines, so gloriously and luxuriously which always make my heart to pluck the rooted sorrows from it and throw it away with the use of those antidote’s of lines! You could guess now, that nothing mere lies in him!

I was basically in search of you my Writer friend to whom i could speak and spell my words of heart out!!



Today my Mother showed me up a Book, a holy book i must say. And it was of the time when my Grandfather was swinging on his youthful life! The Book is none other than “The Ramcharitmanas!” As, i could only recall the vague impressions, which are actually very few in numbers that relates to him, spent with me, but it packs a lot of history in themselves.
The remembrance of him, came to me at the very sudden, when my eyes focused it’s sight over the 3 words, written by him just above the Preface column of the page, and that too describes his name!

The blurred images captures me, every time I try to go past the years; i have spent with him. The age, i was in, during his time of last breath, was five years, since of which, i store only few or i should say very few memories to combine them all, hardly even to make a morsel of them!

All I know about him, is that He was truly dedicated to his book-reading! He was a bookaholic. He not only tried or read Hindi novels or journals but tasted English fictions too.

When i was too small to even think of books and book reading, and what books are, and what books actually gifts us, and what they dwell for us in the long run of life; my elder sister while we were at our ancestral home, which falls, some distance before ‘Shravasti’, as she too is a book-worm, took out a book from the two Biggy wooden shelves, which remained generally locked up to sustain them from dust and dirt, a book of a famous writer, i.e., of LEO TOLSTOY, and the subject of it was, at that time, beyond our understanding but she kept it safely in her personal shelf, for reading it forth, by the time, we acquire enough ‘ perfect ‘ memory so as to understand the great and legendary Leo Tolstoy!

The book was so ruined up, upto the time, because it had travelled for so many seconds,minutes and hours,that it reached to a place where no one can reach but minds playing in millions, billions, and trillions of imaginative and colloquial thoughts;which only bookworms could understand, how a rotten and ruined up book increases contours of it’s pages with time!
As insofar there’s a saying – “Old is Gold!”
There’s a saying too, which is knocking up my door of ideas, right now and that too by Cicero, and here goes the jewels of words thrown by him –
“A Room without Books is like a body without a soul.”
Don’t you agree with the lines,mentioned above???
But this is what, my soul and heart, truly believes in.

The pages of a book saves not only the prints being printed by the typist or a writing being written by a writer, but also secures some valuable and precious parts left by it’s Readers. It treasures up a lot of reminiscences from the side of Readers.

Collection of leaves used as a bookmarks being found inbetween the pages, those dried up petals of roses, says Nothing but Everything!❤️ Those scribblings too, which a reader pens down on it’s pages during the hours of his reading , and it had been coming since ages, passing the lamp of Eternal Memories, stored up in those pages; locked up with keys nowhere to get, with a musty essence in them, to set a bed on,and to sleep for long lasting hours, in those old and ruined up pages!

Trust me, you will never feel the need to get out of that “Room of One’s Own!”

My Breathing starts with your Smile…

She asked the aforesaid and I, without placing my sight into hers, replied, “Breathing! Yes! Am still respiring as synonymous to the person who hangs himself upside down with his hands placed determiningly on the rug. He actually not breathes but gets into a brawl with the Sighs on fast-track!”
She placed the ice-cubes with the help of a pair of tongs, somewhat quizzically, in the glass of wine and again opened her question-hour by tracing the contours of his face with her fingers,and asked, ” What does he mean to say? Does she tend him to be bottlenecked with her? If she is getting tiring for him? If he despise seeing her? If he is not comfortable with her in the relationship? If he…”

He gently placed his hands on her waist and stopped her series of questions in the mid and said , ” It is so, because he don’t want anything, to make her angry.
It is so, because she resides in his heart;
It is so, because she is the Manager of his beats! Who will never get signed in for retirement!
It is so, because he wants to protect her every time, the screwed people and capped situations cross her way, proving them dominant just as the ‘Sherkhan‘ projected his dominance by killing ‘Akela‘ and left the brooding ‘Raksha‘ to live on her memories of his!!
Just as the ‘Ophelia‘ died by drowning herself in the ocean of water, because of no support from ‘Hamlet‘, the Prince of Denmark,”
And just as ‘Catherine Barkley‘ left ‘Frederic Henry‘ in the brooding moorland!

And just not the same as aforenamed, I want the situations to stare at me and con my cards of intense love for you, and make your voice vanish from my ears, because it would be for me like ‘A Vampire waking up to a garlic clove

Sorry! But this vision, this terrible vision is making me to die for eternity. It’s you and only because of you, am still breathing perfectly but the very thought of making your bed of life just like Roses, and not to let them fall off on their Thorns, I try my best to not focus on my Sighs, and to make your Rose petals to sway along with the wind constantly as they are swaying; since the time we met!
And for this reason, It’s incumbent on me to go nuts for you!”
The reply made her face look unspeakably beautiful. The scene out there, too responded to her luminosity. It was beginning to set, a glamorous sphere of blinding radiance casted liquid yellow streaks and reflections on the welcoming water that laid before it!!

Along with the lines which was still playing, beautifully and adorably on her face, arraying in a series of interesting intersections!!

The Game of Number Six!

I am a Performer, though Small.
Today, my mother woke me up at early hours, even that big foamy clouds at those early hours were planning to crack themselves up to showcase the dance of the sun rays through their thin tissues!! I inhaled those wobbly rays and fathered my own steps to father my own Father and Mother!

So, I am a Father too, though Wee.
Oh! My Mother when you woke me up today, you accomplished the daily task of yours on my cheeks, that is, a Kiss! It’s not just your lips hugged my cheeks but it’s a kiss of a Big-Wig of my life and excessively helps me to begin the day to reinstate myself in my performance on world’s stage.
Do you remember My Mother ? When you came and stood on the three lane Road, where I was performing, it seemed to me that I am on the stage of a high profile school and my Big-Wig is bolstering me up while, on the other hand, the innards of your heart Throbs along with my hands producing beats on the Drum. Woah! I am making the two things play together! Isn’t it?
I was not actually playing the Drum with it’s stick but was hefting your heart with more Kilos on it!
So, from that day I became the Slave of A Renowned Master named ‘BRUTAL’ who named me ‘SUFFERER’, despite of being a Lilliputian!
My Mother! Do you remember the game of Ludo and Snake? Which you once discussed with me about when you get to know about it, the moment when you returned from your work of Dishwashing, you deliberated the whole incident to me that, How your sight captured the view of the Master’s children playing the very Dice game!

Do you know my Mother, my Dice is hired by Number 1 and not by Number 6, since the day you delivered me ! Though my steps are short, but I belong to Number 6!
Hey, my Mother will You please fix a meeting with my Sweetheart (Drum) who enables me to perform on world’s stage, though I stand at the end of the queue and obscurity lies in me in this queue of legends! All this is because I want Your son to buy You freedom from sufferings.
Mother! Once I tried Papa’s Pants the moment you stepped out of the house, but it couldn’t hold me up. My Body just can’t get fit into it! Why Mother? If I can do everything as Father do, then why don’t his Pants fits to physical me???
This question figured out the child living in him, which no one could able to answer…

Nothing lasts forever!

The Autumn in the North and the Spring in the South when I (Deepawali) arrive at their doors.
Deepawali, a festival not only known for its victory over the darkness and thus illuminating stream of evil hearts, but also symbolize an overjoyed and enthusiastic approach towards the life filled with stones of ‘nothing lasts in permanence.’

A glass filled with wine overflowed naturally, turning everything lying around that one transparent glass, as wet and agonized as the wine with bubbles outbursting the things and embracing her clothes too, letting it stained!
So, the image thus portrayed is that She is sitting at the corner seat of that sophisticated and the most expensive Bar, situated in the heart of the city. Her eyes exquisitely staring that walk of the wine or the floating gesture of wine as if having words with the floating wine to arouse her from her agony and the tray of sadness on which her very instincts are sleeping and snoring.

Spoilation, Devastation, Destruction, all mingled up in her mind, trying best to paint her life with the three already damaged brushes (spoilation, Devastation, Destruction). Just then, an optimistic, rather pleasurable tone captured her ears, which put the conversation of hers with the wine under the plate.

It’s true that Good time is not who always cuddles around your arms. Two people who live together and love each other need to adjust the hands of their clocks, to manage every hour, every minute even if they are not able to point the two points of the clock to struck the same hour at the same time. Cool! That doesn’t happen everyday.


Passing through the retentiveness,
I yearned, here and now,
From those already Retired,
Bygone time of life!
That to and fro motility,
Of my remembrance,
Could be halted!

Books, not those of curriculum,
But that comical scenes,
Stuck into those sheets,
Of Creamy-coloured paper,
Within square and rectangular shapes,
Caricatures of striking characteristics.
Appealed me to a great extent!

At times, Chacha Chaudhary,
With his cherry-coloured headdress Turban,
And a white-moustache,
Midget but with a nimble wit;
And a caption, always travels along him-
” Chacha Chaudhary’s brain works faster than Computer!”

Another in the line is The Saabu!
The tall figured alien from Jupiter,
E’er rarely loses coolness,
And at the very distant place,
A volcano erupts because of his Anger!
Wipes out the enemy in seconds!

And if you could hold your memories,
Do you remember?
Chacha Chaudhary had never,
Locked his door!

Those incredible moments,
Where i dwelled up my own,
Power of existence,
And clouds of imagination!

Straight to this moment,
Those were all dreams,
The clouds bursted very moment,
When i discovered that Chacha Chaudhary,
Do not even exist!
And that Saabu could not save me and my world!